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Our Story

With a PASSION for LED ZEPPELIN, LEDFOOTE is DRIVEN to replicate their studio recordings. ZEPPELIN is as classic to us now as they were back in the 70’s. We live and breathe The MIGHTY ZEP who brought American Blues to a new level, with FAST DRIVING GUITAR, KILLER DRUMS, FUNKY BASS LINE GROOVES, SOULFUL MELODIES and POWER VOCALS. We consider LED ZEPPELIN BRITISH ROYALTY!

Band Bios

Vince Paul:     Drummer and Founder

At 17, Vince was honored to be asked to audition for Julliard as well as play percussion at Carnegie Hall. Years later, inspired by John Bonham's multi-dimensional skills, Vince began the dream of replicating Bonzo's work.  The vision to collaborate with like-minded musicians with drive, dedication, and passion for the technical and soulful essence of Led Zeppelin has finally manifested in LEDFOOTE!

Sue Slater:       Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Known for her raspy vocal presence, Sue Slater has covered artists from the 70's era and earlier for more than 30 years. The Blues in Led Zeppelin's music initially inspired a connection to the band, and when the opportunity to channel Robert Plant presented itself, Sue knew that joining LEDFOOTE was the only way to live the Zeppelin dream!

Dean Wheelan:     Lead Guitar

Playing guitar since the age of 5, Music came naturally to Dean Wheelan who premiered at the Wellmont Theater at Age 8! Since the Dawn of Led Zeppelin, Dean's biggest influence has been Jimmy Page, along with others, and he has said, "the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Zeppelin Music continues to be  the most rewarding experience we can think of".

Ray Martin:        Bass Guitar

From Lincoln Center to CBS Recording in Manhattan, Ray Martin's jazz roots have served him well in college, and later years as a guitarist in many cover bands with contributions in the USA and across the Pond!  Ray switched to Bass when the opportunity to play John Paul Jones came his way.

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Debonair Music Hall  Gig Stills   10/27/18

 Dingbatz Gig Stills   07/14/18

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